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 Battle for Influence

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Geschlecht : Transsexuell
Sternzeichen : Skorpion
Chin. Horoskop : Drache
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Ort : Im Omega GG

BeitragThema: Battle for Influence   Di 22 Apr 2014, 15:49

Goals & Rewards

Gather as much influence for your cooperation as possible. You can get influence points by:

ActionNumber of points
NPC kills2
Quest finished5
Enemy faction player kills15
Alpha Gates win15
Beta Gates win20
Gamma Gates win25
Delta Gates win30
Epsilon Gates win35
Zeta Gates win40
Kappa Gates win45
Lambda Gates win50
Kronos Gates win60
Hades Gates win75
Enemy faction CBS module destroyed1,000
Capture the beacon wins (per point)1,000
TDM wins (per match)50,000
Sector Control wins (per match)50,000
At the end of the event, every corporation will get Honor and Experience bonuses based on the amount of influence points they have earned during the event (up to max. +15%). The bonuses will be effective for one week.

Additionally the winning faction would get a 10% bonus on selling ore and 10% bonus on bonus box content.

These bonuses stack with all other faction-wide bonuses, which may come into effect during that period.

Ship Designs

New faction-themed Goliath designs are available in the shop and payment for the duration of the event.

Each design gives a 5% bonus to influence gained for respective corporation and a 7% damage bonus against other faction players. (These effects are permanent but the influence bonus will not do anything after the event ends.)
Note: The bonus of the designs applies only to the company in which one you are, so you have eg Vanquisher so it applies only to MMO, in VRU the design would be ineffective.

Design names:

· MMO - Vanquisher - only MMO Bonus

· EIC - Sovereign - only EIC Bonus

· VRU – Peacemaker - only VRU Bonus

New Missions

Every day a new mission will be unlocked. If you don’t accept a mission right away, you can accept them any time during the event.

The missions in each bracket are similar but increase in difficulty.

· 15 Missions for low-level (6-15) (Found in Event Tab)

· 15 Missions for mid-level (15-19) (Found in Event Tab)

· 15 Missions for high-level (20+) (Found within Normal Quest List)

The Level 20+ missions will remain in the game even after the event ends – as they are really hard to finish.


Depending on the amount of Influence the player gained, he will get an achievement. If the player changes corporation, points are reset to 0 bu he will keep his Achievement(s).

Achievement nameTitleRequired InfluencePoints
Rally up!Corporate Activist2,5005
Common cause-15,00010
Loyalty is everythingPolicy maker20,00010
Growing authority-50,00015
Pictures of brighter futureGreat visionary150,00020

Special consumables

Faction-themed fireworks. Special fireworks with faction color scheme and faction logo. The price for would be 25 Uridium per shot.

· Mars fireworks

· Earth fireworks

· Venus fireworks

Source: Darkorbit Forum/Darkorbit

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Battle for Influence
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